About the Author

About the Author

Janet Harpham Mid Missouri ArtistI grew up in the countryside of Benton County.  Our farm was just a few miles from my mother’s parents and less than a mile from my father’s parents.  It was a blessing to grow up with the wisdom and accountability of family.

My father built the little peaches and cream house that we lived in.  It was small in stature but huge in love and faithfulness.   Our home was one of respect for God and country.  Daddy had served in WW II.  He knew the price of our freedoms.

Although we moved to Kansas City for a couple of years, most of my childhood was spent roaming the hillsides of our farm.  We raised chickens, turkeys, cows, and horses.

Upon completing high school my parents were informed that I was not college material. But how amazing! God did not feel the same way. He had ordained a plan for my life which included teaching children. I graduated from Southwest Baptist University or SWBC as it was called then with an elementary education degree and an art degree.

I had a most amazing career which included 31 years of teaching and opportunity to speak at numerous state, district and national conferences. I taught summer classes at SWBC. I went on to get a masters degree in curriculum.

Since retirement I write and illustrate children’s books, paint, and write curriculum for Cornerstone Academy of the Ozarks. I love hosting family dinners every third weekend of the month. Summers are filled with gardening and canning. A full and amazing life.