Meet Elbert Fin

Meet Elbert Fin

Today I came with my husband to the MMEA conference in Tan-Tar-A.  Although he has retired from teaching, he enjoys coming, seeing old friends and listening to the concerts.  I have come with him most years.  For some reason, this year I was flooded with emotions and amazing memories.

During my teaching career God opened the door for me to share teaching ideas with other teachers.  I would never have dreamed of the doors he would open for me.  As I walked past the salons, the rooms seemed huge.  For a moment I saw myself in the front of the room talking with all my heart and strength to an overflow room of people.

Over the years, I presented for the National, State, and District Gifted Conferences,  Conference on the Young Years, MSTA Conferences, NEA  Conferences and the Interface Math and Science Conferences.  I am still amazed!

One year I was scheduled to speak at the Conference on the Young Years.  I arrived to find my conference room was the lodge which is just down the hill from the main conference building.  I shared with my husband that I thought it would be a small crowd since it was away from the main events.  What I didn’t know is that the conference had organized with Parents as Teachers that year and the crowd was too large for the number of sessions.  I was also nervous because we had a new principal that year and I was pretty sure she would attend my workshop.

As the people began to string in a few at a time they were not just a bit upset, they were angry.  Many had signed up for workshops and due to overcrowding, did not get to go to their session or had to stand if they did.  I began to pray.  “Lord, bring a calm to this storm and give me wisdom to know how to handle it.”  The rumbling was only getting louder.  How was I to entertain such a disgruntled crowd.  And to add a little stress I spotted my principal seated about halfway back.  The room was completely full by starting time and people were standing in the back.

I began my presentation.  I soon felt the energy in the room change from negative to positive.  The hour went quickly as I presented one idea after another.  It was a great day and lots of wonderful feedback at the end of the presentation.  God is so good!

During those years I created a number of teaching ideas and books.  I still have a passion to create books.  This week I put my efforts into another children’s book, “Meet Elbert Fin.  The story was written by my son.  He drew the illustrations and I painted them.  A really fun story about a classroom pet’s first day of school.


Before leaving the conference today we made a delivery to my husband’s music teacher.  He had written a letter of thanks to him for being an encourager and mentor to him through all his high school and teaching career.  He included a copy of each of the children’s books we have publihsed.  Each contain a part of a story that reflected the positive influence this teacher had on his life.  So glad he had the opportunity to say thank you to his teacher, mentor and friend.