Celebrating Being a Grandparent

Celebrating Being a Grandparent

Being a grandparent is a blessing beyond words or measure. They are a wonderful gift from God. I give thanks each day for these beautiful babies.They give me more than I can ever give them. They make me laugh at the sounds of their sweet voice. They cheer me up no matter what is happening around me. They give new life to the ordinary activities of my day. They give me new purpose and meaning to the things I do.

When they arrive or we go visit them they come running and jump in my arms. I love them so much! I find that I am quite protective of them and probably over concerned when they get sick.

My country kids are always outside usually barefoot, adorned with a little dirt here and there hugging their dog Bailey or one of their cats. I suggested to my son they might get sick running around that way. Of course he gave me that look and said, “They’re fine mom”.

Recently I was looking for a picture of my children with one of our farm pets. As I sat on the closet floor surrounded by boxes of pictures, I began going through the box labeled Farm Pictures. As I thumbed through I found no pictures of the pet I was searching for. However, I found picture after picture of my precious sons outside sometimes

no shirt, no shoes and loving on their cat. I could only smile at each picture and realized my son was raising his children just as we had raised him.Now I have to say, they turned out to be wonderful husbands and dads. So I can say a little dirt, bare feet and loving on their pets may be a good recipe for happy healthy kids. I am excited watching these precious grandbabies of ours grow up. Feeling blessed tonight.