God’s Messenger

God’s Messenger

Tonight my story is for my grandson Elijah. He wanted to hear an Elijah story. Elijah is a wonderful Bible character. There are so many stories to share about his service to God.

Our story tonight begins with Old King Ahab. He was ruler over God’s people. He was an evil king in the eyes of God because of his disobedience to God. And to make matters worse he married a really evil princess named Jezebel. Now Jebezel was probably one of the most wicked characters ever mentioned in the Bible. She worshiped other gods. King Ahab helped her out and built temples and altars for her false gods and idols. Other people were beginning to worship these false gods too.

One day God told Elijah to take a message to Old King Ahab. Ahab was surprised when he saw Elijah coming.  Who was this strange man wearing a camel hair coat? What was someone like this doing in his beautiful palace?  Elijah was taken before the king.  Elijah told King Ahab that the Lord God of Israel would send no rain in his kingdom for a long time.  “It will not rain until I return to tell you it will,” said Elijah.  Then Elijah left the king.  King Ahab was afraid.  He knew it would come true.  A drought was coming and there was nothing he could do about it. He was mad at Elijah for not returning to tell him everything was okay and that it would rain.

God told Elijah, “Go, hide at the brook of Cherith. You will be safe from King Ahab there. There is good water there and I will send ravens to bring food to you.” Elijah stayed there for a while but soon the drought dried up the little brook. Then God sent Elijah to Zarephath. God said, “There is a woman there who is a widow and her son. She will give you food and water.” Elijah went to Zarephath and and saw the woman standing near the gate. The woman looked poor but she quickly gave Elijah a drink. Then Elijah ask her for food. “I have no food,” said the widow. ” I was just gathering twigs to take home to build a fire and cook the last meal for my son and me,” said the widow.

“Make a cake for me and then one for you and your son,” said Elijah. Now the woman knew there was not enough meal and oil to make three cakes but she did what Elijah ask. To her surprise, she had enough to cook three cakes. Elijah thanked her and told her the meal and her jug of oil would not go dry during the famine. Sure enough, everyday the oil and meal was there to make cakes for them.

One day the widow’s son grew very ill and died. Elijah prayed to God three times for God to restore the boy’s life. God heard Elija’s prayer and soon the widow’s son opened his eyes. The poor widow was so happy to have her son back.

It was time for Elijah to move on. Elijah had warned the people about worshiping Jezebel’s idols and false gods. Jezebel got angrier and angrier upon hearing Elijah’s message. She decided to have Elijah put to death. Now Elijah was an old man. He ran all night to escape the wicked queen. He soon became exhausted and laid down in the wilderness and fell sound asleep. He thought he would surely die.

An angel came to Elijah and told him to get up and eat. The angel told him God had a big job for him. But Elijah was so tired he fell back asleep. Again the angel woke him and Elijah ate and began to restore his strength. He got up and began to climb the mountain where Moses had met God. God told Elijah to go and anoint Elisha as the next prophet. Elijah went to Elisha and anointed him. He knew it was time to die but before he would go he spent some time helping Elisha with his new role as prophet.

Then Elijah told Elisha it was time for him to go. They journeyed to the Jordan River. They traveled on

Suddenly out of the sky came a chariot and horses of fire. A great whirlwind came up and Elijah was taken up alive into the clouds.  Elijah went to heaven in the chariot alive.  Elisha knew that Elijah had went to be with God.  For days people looked for Elijah, but of course, they could not find him!