One Unexpected Special Day

One Unexpected Special Day

I’m pretty much a planner both daily, monthly and yearly. I have heard rich people say they have to make a plan for each incoming deposit of money. Otherwise they end up wasting it and don’t have much to show for how they spent it. So I guess you could say that is how I feel about time. If I don’t plan I often waste it and time is far too precious to waste. But sometimes unexpected things come up. Saturday my son called to see if we could keep the kids Monday. The kids were out of school but they had to work. “Sure,” is always the answer to that question even if it is not in my plans. Some things are at the top of my time list and spending time with my grandkids is one. So Sunday evening three of my beautiful grandchildren spent the night.

We started Monday with blueberry pancakes. They were as delightful as they were delicious. Well most of us thought so. One beautiful grandbaby passed on Nana’s blueberry pancakes and ordered instead a bowl of cereal. Sunday night had been one of my favorite times. We read a couple of stories and then Nana told Bible stories. They kept wanting more stories and Nana just kept telling more. By 9:30 the stories ended and we said our good night prayers. What precious time. The next day we started the challenge of building and stocking a toy store. Oh yes. Anyone who knows me knows that my house has been turned into many different things. Kuzin Kamp, band parties, church youth parties, Christmas parties extravagant birthday parties, and just every day activities like a toy store have transformed our home. So Elijah and Nana were the architects who designed and built the store. We used all the building block material we had. The girls made signs and products to stock the store. It was a full morning job for all of us. But the results was well worth it.

The store was stocked with toys of all kinds and also a snack bar with candies, cookies and more. Many were made from the items on Nana’s craft shelf.

The shoppers hauled out bags and bags of goodies until Nana finally said, “It’s time to clean up and pack to go home.”

It was a perfect day except for the unexpected snow that started and made the trip home a bit difficult.

As I looked at my planner this morning the unexpected visit of my grandchildren was my favorite time of the week. I was reminded that our most important purpose is to reveal who God is through how we live. Recently I was looking back through pictures of costumes, plays, musicals, Kuzin Kamps, Bible Schools, kids programs at church and school, family parties and so much more. At first it seemed overwhelming. I had to wonder if through all those hours of activities had I truly reflected the image of God to others? Or had I been too focused on details and things? Had anything I said or did made a difference for anyone? Did my family, students and friends learn more about God through the activities I had planned and did? My prayer is that those whose path I crossed all those years saw Jesus in my life and that they too drew closer to God through our time and activities. What a wonderful time in life, time to share Jesus with my grandchildren, not just through stories but through my life. Our plan books may be filled with activities, but our focus should always be to make time to show others who Jesus is. Time is precious!