As an art teacher I often ask my students to choose if they want their picture horizontal or vertical. Of course that choice depends on the size and shape of the image they are creating.  We tend to use these terms to describe what fits best.   Charts showing peoples opinions are always horizontal. The line across goes up and down a bit, but the goal is to show the direction people want their thoughts and ideas to go, often, to the right or to the left. Today we feel the fear that comes when we go too far either direction. Of course we end in losing our freedoms making

everyone do or agree with our opinion. Either direction the results will be the same, losing our freedoms. Maybe the horizontal chart is not our best choice. Let’s look at a vertical chart to set our goals.

My last story was the Golden Triangle.  What a beautiful story of our nation’s founding. It is without question that those who wrote our constitution knew that only people who kept God as their authority and His laws as their moral code could remain a free nation. As Benjamin Franklin said to the people, “if

you can keep it.”

Our government was an experiment. The founders knew only when American people were good people could America remain free. Our charts need to run vertical.

Our founders rooted our government in God’s law.  It was the moral code of the nation.  It was taught in the schools, posted on our buildings and lived out by many people. The constitution and our leaders were the political guides, a system of three powers and checks and balances, built up from the roots of a strong moral code. Only leaders that are honest and trustworthy and honor their commitments

can protect the constitution we were given. A nation of people branched out in freedom as the rest of the world marveled. Only a nation of people who obey God’s law, love, trust and make God their authority can sustain a free country. God holds the truth, the right and wrong, the absolute. Man can only offer opinion and should not try to place their opinion on others.

Today some in our nation try to rewrite God’s moral code,”The Ten Commandments.” They desire to be the authority, not God. On the horizontal chart we see a battle for our own rights and opinions, not God’s. Only in God will we find the freedom this nation has been so richly blessed with. We need to be reaching up to God not to the right or to the left. Only through the resurrection of Jesus can we truly be free. “Whom the Son has set free is free indeed.”  What a blessed nation we live in!

I added a few pictures looking back over years of blessings.