The Wedding

The Wedding

I am still working on our ladies ministry assignment to share images of Jesus in the Old Testament. Everything in the Old Testament is in some way a picture of Jesus so it is not a hard assignment except for deciding what topics to choose. This time I have chosen the Jewish wedding. I have never been to a Jewish wedding but the Bible gives us some information about them.

When my sons were in youth class at Gerster they participated in the True Love Waits ceremony. Some of you may have been part of that as well. It was a commitment that young people made to staying pure for their future mate. I wrote a play for the evening activities which was presented by the youth. On one side of the stage they acted out the Jewish wedding. On the other side of the stage they acted out the parallels in Jesus life.

From Genesis creation and God’s ordaining of a man and a woman to cleave together and become as one and multiply on the earth to Revelations and the marriage feast of the Lamb, it all connects. I will share a few of the picture images of Christ found in the weddings of God’s chosen people.

The bridegroom would go to the home of his bride to be and enter the marriage covenant and pay a purchase price called a dowry. Jesus came to our earthly home and fulfilled the marriage covenant with faithful believers. He died on the cross to be the purchase price for us.

The bridegroom would return to his father’s home to prepare a place for them to live together. No one knew when he would return for the wedding. Jesus also told us he was going back to his father. He said there were many mansions there. He said he was going to prepare a place for us, that where he is there we may be also. He also told us no one but the father knows when he will return.

In the wedding stories in the Bible we learn that the wedding guests were given a wedding garment to wear. This wedding garment pictures the white robe of righteousness we will be given when we enter our heavenly home as the bride of Christ.

Of course there is a great wedding feast that lasted for days and included a great procession, the ceremony and a banquet of foods. Jesus says we too will sit down at a wonderful banquet with him. It will be the marriage feast of the Lamb. These pictures of a wedding with Christ and his bride, the believers, is so amazing. And how beautiful that wedding day will be.

Revelations 21: 3-4. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain…”

I added a few pictures from the beautiful woodlands surrounding our home.