Finding My Voice Again

Finding My Voice Again

It has been really hard to find my voice lately.  Cancer treatments and losing my father has left me empty and reflective. My page keeps reminding me I haven’t heard from anyone this week.   Daddy always said we need to share our story for the next generations.  Today that seems even more important as so much of our history is being rewritten with its own angle.  So I will begin again to share my tidbits of history.

I have stayed busy with projects to help break through the mindless clutter one experiences during something like cancer and believe me there is a lot of that.   Although I was not ready for parting with daddy’s things the process of setting up an auction began.  So many wonderful items were rediscovered preparing for the auction.  They have been an inspiration to many new projects.

This is my present project.  The first row of the quilt is baby clothes from my siblings and me.  The second row is clothes from my children and the third row is my grandchildren’s clothes, three generations.  It has been a fun project.  I am excited to see it completed. My next project is a painting of the family farm with the garden gate requested by my niece.  I hope I can give her one that she loves.

The gate was discovered and she is giving it new life.  I can remember the fence and gate as a child.

Finding my direction after losing daddy has been part of this process I’m still stuck in.  One of the things I have discovered during these trying times is that I want to give half of the money I make from any paintings or books I sell to help support a mission project.  I have always known that this is what I was to do with my paintings but I have no way of marketing them so I never started.  But today I decided one small step at a time and leave the rest to God.   He is a great and mighty God and is already working miracles.  Anything I sell no matter how small will help support a mission.  My father had a vision for a ministry to reach families and train youth to be great citizens and my friend Dr. Rebecka Spencer has a plan for a Christian School complex that encompases both their  visions.  She began her school 6 years ago and has out grown its facility. The whole story is a picture of God’s mighty work.  It is an amazing story full of miracles.  So if any one purchases a painting or any of my other things I do, just know I will be putting half of the money into this ministry.  Henry Blackaby said, “Find where God is working and join in.”