Life is filled with many blessings.  Many we fail to even recognize or thank God for. Others are those things that encourage us, nurture us and impact our lives.  Friends would certainly fall in that category.  I have many I consider friends but one certainly measures the standard of a true friend.

We met many years ago.  She and her sisters came to the same church I went to.  We became friends quickly.  We did not attend the same school so all of our activities were Christ centered.  On Sunday we studied God’s Word together.  On Wednesday nights we were part of GA’s.  This was a program for girls.  We memorized scripture, practicing together.  I still know some of the scriptures we were required to learn.  We participated in parties together, sang together, went swimming, skating, caroling, and many other activities.

I remember one Christmas party.  We spent much of our time laughing talking and stringing popcorn to hang on the Christmas tree.  The smell of cedar, hot chocolate and popcorn filled the room.  The sound of talking, laughter and Christmas filled the air.  Great memories.

During the summer I did babysitting for our pastor’s son.  They had three beautiful children.  My friend lived next door.  That meant more time to enrich our Christian Friendship.  During our teen years we were trained in discipleship training.  We held early morning church services at the lake.  People would come in their boats. How blessed we were to be trained in how to witness to others.  We were taught how to share the gospel and defend the truths in the Bible.
After graduation life took us in different directions.  Years passed.  We both married and raised our families.  We had not communicated for years.  A few years before retiring, we moved back to my home area.  We began attending my childhood church.  They were celebrating 150 year reunion.  I was able to reconnect with my friend.  It was as if time had stood still and we had never missed all those years.  What a blessing!  We now keep in touch, lifting each other up in prayer, encouraging one another and celebrating our special moments together.  Although we are miles apart our friendship is in our hearts.

And Karen if you are reading this page thank you for the best gift anyone could have, a true friend.  Thank you for the cards, letters, words of encouragement and the special handmade gifts you give me.  You are a true friend indeed.