It all began on the Mayflower

I have always loved learning family history.  Our family has some fun stories in their trail.  I have really enjoyed the history passed down about my mother’s family.  Her mother has many interesting people on the genealogy chart.  I love that it starts with the Mayflower and the name John Alden and his daughter Elizabeth. Having such a known starting point makes it rather exciting.

Further down the family tree is President Rutherford B. Hayes.  The family received a letter from President Hayes.   The letter gave the genealogy of the family starting in 1607.  Some of the family came from Ipswich, England on the ship Francis in 1634.  They settled in Salem Massachusetts.

The family ended up in Ohio.  One of my grandmother’s aunts was a professional pianist.  Her aunt always sent Christmas presents to Grandmother and all the family.  I have the old trunk that she sent gifts in one year.   When she passed away she left her piano to my grandmother. Unfortunately grandmother lived in Missouri and had no way to go pick up the piano.
My Great -grandfather started out as a surveyor for the Wheeling Railroad.  He later went to Montana and helped survey the North Pacific Road that led into Helena Montana.  He moved to Missouri and became a postmaster.

Our lives are so intertwined from generations ago.  It is a bit mind- boggling and amazing at the same time.