It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The recent farm auction was considered a successful day.  It was cold in the 30 degrees but the crowd hung in there to the end.  And it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

It took three rings running all day to get it all sold.  As the pictures show daddy had a few vehicles to sale, lots of tack and rows of tools.

I was not ready for the sale and will have regrets of lots of things I wish would have stayed in the family.  But between the kids and grandkids there is quite a collection of family memorabilia that was rescued.  Each of our homes will have items that keep us connected for years to come.

Among the many treasure on the family farm were a set of friendship quilt blocks.  The names on each were familiar family friends.  I know some of you who see this page will recognize many of the families.   It was so fun to see that Ethel Estes had put the date on her block.  I remember Ethel well.  She was a good neighbor and friend.  She stopped by often to visit my grandparents whose names were also on one of the quilt blocks.  In the summer Ethel would stop by my grandparent’s house and they would sit in the yard and chat well into sunset.

The Hockman’s were well known and respected in the area.  Their families had been in the area since the founding of Climax Springs and some still live in the area.

The quilting frames of my grandmothers were also discovered overhead in the garage.  How fun would it be to quilt this one on the old quilting frames?  Hand quilting is a lost art so doubtful that will happen.

The Bybees were very close neighbors.  I loved their farm as it sat up on the hill overlooking our road.  A lovely little stream flowed through the farm.  Cattle and horses grazed on the hillside.  Their place always looked so homey, clean and inviting. Good neighbors they were.

The Arnetts were close neighbors. Whether it was time to dress chickens, shear sheep, herd cattle or whatever our families were there to help each other out.  Neighbors were like family.  Friends and neighbors are such a precious gift.  I’m not sure why we gave up such a wonderful gift for our fast paced social media neighborhoods, but friendship quilts like this one will always be a reminder of those “Good Neighbor Days.”  It was and is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!  May we all be a good neighbor to someone today.