Launching Sally

Launching Sally

We all get one chance at life. We start off with big dreams and ideas. Some we reach some we don’t. But one thing we do learn along the way is that time is precious and cherish every moment. No one lived that better than my father. Every day was precious and every day he had a plan and purpose. Some of the most important things in his life were God, family, kids, and his love of horses. He spent most of his time outside of work doing things for kids. He served in saddle club, 4-H, church activities, parades, the public school board and so much more. He was always encouraging, supplying things, teaching and providing transportation to get kids places.

Age did not seem to be a factor for him. At 90 years old he had a vision for a large building that could be used by kids and adults as a place of worship as well as a place to learn horsemanship and other life skills. God had blessed him with enough to secure financial means for just such a building.

Thanks to him the Laclede Baptist Association Camp is in the building process of a huge building that can be used for their equine program called Whoa Camp. Children and adults can use the large arena for various types of programs, revivals and other services. What a blessing that even after his passing he has left a wonderful place of ministry for years to come.

So here I am retired but still teaching art at the Christian School. As someone posted the other day, “I’m in the winter of my life.” I have so many things I still want to do and many I will never get to do. One of the things that has become a passion in my life is writing childrens’ books. I have been blessed to put together a few. This past year, however, I have been given the opportunity to lauch my latest creation. Sally the Cow. As is all my books, it is a family story. This one is about our old milk cow.

Sally was a cow who seemed to have some vocabulary, so it seemed appropriate she tell the story. John always talked to her and she always did just what he said. Of course since she was the boss cow, the rest of the herd always followed her, making it easy to care for the herd. She seemed to always like our company, so any time we were in the same pasture as her, she was there watching and nosing around.

My live book launch date for Sally the Cow is November 22. I would love for you to make this a super lauch for me and preorder your copy today. Order one for the kids, grandkids and neighbor kids. When your book arrives, go to Amazon and post a review. The review is most important. It will really give my book a boost and offers much more reach. You can also call your Barnes and Noble Bookstore now and ask them to put it on the shelf. They should order it for you, but it won’t be on the shelf until Nov. 22nd. The more calls and reviews the more reach for the book.

I am hoping that age does not keep me from pursuing those passions God has given me. This is an exciting new venture and I thank you for your encouraging comments and support in purchasing a copy of my book. Please share the link with all your friends and family. I am so thankful and so excited in my winter extravaganza, the book launch of Sally the Cow!!

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