My Guardian Angel Took My Bicycle

My Guardian Angel Took My Bicycle

I work on children’s books some of my time,  but my publisher (my son) is very busy with two jobs and a family.  I just figure if I go ahead and make the books, they are ready whenever he has time to format them and get them printed.  Besides the stories are fun to share with the grandbabies.  This book, My Guardian Angel Took My Bicycle, is based on another of my husbands childhood memories.

He had a brother who was quite a bit older than him.  He sometimes liked to show off for his little brother Johnny.  On this particular day he taunted him with his skill of bicycling down the big steep hill by their house with his feet on the handle bars and his arms in the air.

Johnny being much younger was sure he could do anything his big brother did and so he began to descend down the hill with his hands in the air and his feet on the handle bars.

At full speed, and about halfway down the hill his tire hit a rock and sent Johnny flying one way and his bike another.   When he arrived home with no skin left on his back, torn shirt and blood everywhere, his only concern was his bicycle. He had not been able to find it after the accident.

His dad put him on the picnic table and hosed him down to get all of the gravel out of his back.   Then his mom covered him in bag balm and wrapped him in strips torn from an old white sheet.  For those of you who did not grow up on a farm, bag balm was a thick medicinal ointment used for about everything, including the farm animals, to help healing of cuts and bruises.  For weeks he would go back up the hill and look for his bicycle, but it was nowhere to be found.  His brother kept telling him that his guarding angel had taken it because he had been so foolish.  And Johnny was beginning to believe that it must be so.

The funny conclusion of the story will be for another page, hopefully with a picture of the finished book.