Our Family Century Farm

Our Family Century Farm

I occasionally like to paint with watercolor.  I painted this picture of my grandparents little farmhouse.  We had decorated it up for our 4th of July celebration.  The farm has been in the family for over 100 years.  My great-grandfather brought his family to Benton County when my grandpa was only 6 years old.  They came from Sullivan, Missouri.

They came down to Lowry City and crossed at Brown’s Ford.  The creek was up and they couldn’t get across so they had to camp for about a week.  When the water went down they drove the wagon across.   They had the milk cow tied on the back of the wagon.

When they got to Benton County they settled in Edwards, Missouri.  They homesteaded the first 40 acres.  Later great-grandpa bought the land around it.  He ended up with 320 acres.  There wasn’t money or jobs when great-grandpa first came here.  Everyone just lived off the land and helped neighbors when needed.  When anyone needed a house or their home burned, everyone would load their wagon with logs and go help build back.  Later when sawmills came in they would take the logs to the mill and have them cut into lumber.

Great-grandpa tried to clear an acre or two each year.  This would be where he would plant the cane the next year.  The wood he cut would be for heating the log home all winter.

My favorite place on the whole farm is the front porch.  There is almost always a breeze blowing.   When we would go to grandpa and grandma’s everyone liked to sit on the front porch to visit.   I can still picture the curtains in the living room blowing straight out as this amazing breeze blew into the house from the front porch.

So fun that the same front porch my grandparents and parents sat on still invites the next generations to come, sit, relax and enjoy the lovely breeze.