Sorting the Family Photo Boxes

Sorting the Family Photo Boxes

It is a lot of work sorting pictures, but so fun to look back at some of the old photos.  Love this picture of some happy 4-Hers.   I think a few happy couples came out of this group.  4-H was and is a wonderful experience for young people.  They learn so many good life skills, work ethic, and character.  We participated in 4-H when we were kids.

This is a picture of my brother and a group of friends at the South School.  Love the old school pictures.   Not sure what grade they were in.

I loved growing up on the farm.  I probably spent more time out with my brothers than my sister because I loved being outside.  My sister was not so much a fan of taking care of farm chores.  I didn’t mind getting dirty.  I remember one day daddy ask me to help him seine the old hog pond.  It wasn’t very deep but it was literally mud and muddy water.  You could not see in the water at all.  Daddy wanted to see if there was any fish in the pond.  I felt so important that day.  Daddy took one side of the big net and I took the other.  We walked slowly to the other side of the pond letting the net drop down to catch any fish that might be in the pond.  You could feel the thick mud with each step.  The pond was a little over waist deep in the center.   I became a bit anxious about halfway out thinking I might meet a water smake, but as we pulled the net in we didn’t even have a frog.  We were both a bit muddy when we climbed out.  I felt like I had really been an important helper that morning.

This is a picture of the basketball team at Climax Springs in the 1940s.  My Uncle Kennith was on the team.  My mother’s family were all basketball fans.  I can remember when our family got together my uncles would sit in their car and listen to the ball games on the radio.

I’m pretty sure this couple is standing in front of the community building in Warsaw.  It is my dad’s Aunt Bertha and Uncle Bill Arnett.  Love the hat.  Looks like they are attending a very special ocassion.  Wish I knew what it was.  Eva their daughter wrote about her years of growing up.  It sounded like she had such a happy childhood with lots of love, laughter and generosity from her mother and father.   I am going to have to check the family history and see how long Aunt Bertha lived.  Most of my dad’s family lived into their 90s and some into 100s.  My grandmother was born in 1800s and if she had lived 2 more months she would have lived to 2000.  Amazing I think.   Daddy’s Aunt Jenny baked her own birthday cake at 104.  I’m not sure I will make those milestones.  Hope some of you who follow my page enjoy the pictures.  I have certainly had fun going through them.

Trying to figure out who this boy is.  I love the picture.  One would assume a Wiseman but maybe not.  My father said Roy was always taking people places they needed or wanted to go.  So it could be one of his little passengers.