Today’s Great Find!

Today’s Great Find!

It was a cold dreary snowy day, a perfect day for a bowl of soup. Some peas, carrots, onions, peppers and potatoes roasted were perfect ingredients. The base was my homemade cajon turkey bone broth and some chunks of the turkey. It did not need any seasonings as the turkey and broth made for a delicious soup.

I was not being very productive. Midday my sister sent me a long lost picture of our Harpham family. It was so fun to see for the first time. This is my father’s grandparents Charles Wesley and Charlotte and all of their kids. Although I can’t be positive which of the girls are which I am pretty sure I know. My grandfather looks so much like my dad in this picture. My grandfather’s brother, Uncle Elmer taught at many of the schools around here. He rode horseback to school. He was instrumental in getting many of the school districts in the area reorganized into larger schools and districts.

I love the chair placed in the picture for the family dog. It must have been a very special dog.

Aunt Daisy had a special place with my father. Aunt Daisy did not have any children so she would get him Christmas presents and birthday presents. I would love to know where his iron horse is that she gave him. I think it was a bank. There was a large glass marble that she gave him. This is a picture of Aunt Daisy and Uncle Lonnie with their new whippet car.

All of the kids lived pretty long lives. Aunt Jenny lived to be 104 I believe. They said she made her own birthday cake. How amazing. What a testimony of God’s love and provision for us!

Aunt Gladys was the youngest. She was quite cute and fashionable. Her family records that she was one of the first girls in her community to get a short hair cut. I am sure she braved some criticism by some in the neighborhood.

I found some other old photos. I think they are from Aunt Bertha Arnett’s family. Sometimes old photos are not very clear but the little girl with her banana is very clear. So cute! Not sure what is in her other hand.

I love the old photos. They tell so much about our history and families. It is amazing what you can glean from a photograph. I have so many pictures in my boxes that did not get labeled and so go unnamed. I wish I had some way to make the connections. I love reuniting old photos with families. I so appreciate the person who shared this picture of my family. I have to wonder if he was related or just a family friend to have this picture in his possession. Thank you for sharing.