Mercy Seat

Mercy Seat

This is my third response to things in the Old Testament that lead to Christ. Our ladies ministry group has been sharing Biblical truths during this time of social distancing to keep us in touch. My topic tonight is the Mercy Seat. It is a perfect picture of Jesus and what he did for us.

God instructed His people to build a tabernacle. This structure was to be a place for God to be with His people. The tabernacle was designed to show us Christ, our need for a Savior and how to approach God. The structure was a tent and within the tent was a section called the Holy of Holies, the Most Holy Place. This is where the high priest would offer God a sacrifice for the sins of the people.

This act of the high priest giving a blood offering for the sins of the people pointed out the need of a Savior to free us of our sin. The word used for this is propitation. The people were given mercy from God for their wrong doing. They were made right with God.

The one high priest was the only one who could enter this room. He went there to offer a sacrifice for the sins of all the people. Inside the room was the Ark of the Covenant. The top of the ark was called the Mercy Seat. It was a solid gold platform with two angel like figures on each side. These were called cheribims. The cherubims faced each other. God said I will meet you there.  God would make himself known in what was called the glory cloud between the cherubims and the lid of the ark or Mercy Seat.

God sent His one and only Son, Jesus, to fulfill that same need. He became the propitiation for our sins. That was His whole purpose in coming to Earth as a man to dwell among us and then offer His own life as a sacrifice for our sins. Freeing us from our sins includes removing the guilt and making us right before God so that we can fellowship with Him.  When the priest went into the Holy of Holies the sacrifice they offered only lasted a year.  When Jesus offered Himself as the sacrifice for our sin it was for all time; before His arrival as a man on Earth, during His life on Earth and for all time after He ascended.  What an amazing plan of Salvation!

We can see that Mercy Seat again in the tomb where Jesus sacrificed body had lain and an angel was at each end of the place where he was laid. Again I say, the Bible has one message and that is Jesus! Thank you Jesus for your Boundless Love and Amazing Grace

I have been putting in a few pictures from my window while I am staying home more. Hope you enjoy.