Country Kids and City Kids

Country Kids and City Kids


Another of my works in progress.   I always loved the children’s book “Country Mouse and City Mouse.   It reflects a great picture of each experience.  I myself am a country girl.  I grew up in the country and hope I get to live my life out in the country.  My children grew up in the country as well.

However, they both did not end up in the country.  So part of my grandchildren are country kids and the others are city kids.  The differences are striking.

My city kids have lots of fun.  They spend their family time at the zoo or discovery center.  They learn lots about the animals in the zoo and make friends with the animals.   They have opportunity to explore many things at the Discovery Center.  They love the library and have a great toy store that provides lots of play areas.   Their play yard is the park right down the road with slides, swings and climbing bars.

My country kids have lots of fun too.  They spend their family time searching out bugs and critters.  They turn over every rock looking for ring neck snakes, toads, frogs and bugs.  There is always a tub with rocks, ring necks, toads and frogs in it. They are becoming little experts on critters.   They catch them and watch them for a while and then release them.  They ride their chuck wagon all around the yard.  Their play yard is in the backyard; a sandbox, a trampoline, a swimming pool and a great tree swing that all four can swing on at the same time.  They spend summer evenings out by the fire pit roasting marshmallows and listening to the night sounds of the night critters.

My city kids are always dressed ready to go out among the public.  They always have shoes on and if windy their hats and jackets.  My country kids wear their play clothes, a little dirt and sometimes no shoes or shirt because their exploring takes place on their 10 acres.  They might dash out in cool weather without hats or jackets.  They love playing in the rain, muddy puddles and the snow.  Sometimes my country boys’ potty training often happens in the backyard, not something my city kids could experience.

Thankfully the important things are the same.  Both my country kids and my city kids get to go to church to learn about Jesus.  So thankful their parents take them. Both of their dads  play in the praise band and both moms help teach at church.  At bedtime they are read stories and have prayer time.  They have family meals together most days.  And they are loved soooo much.  The differences in their daily routines are insignificant when God is the center of the family, because the only thing that matters is that God is the head of the home.  It is beautiful to watch each of them grow and learn.  When my 6 year old grandson comes to spend the night he says, “Nana, I brought my Bible you got me. ”   What a joy!!  Come bedtime we get it out.  One of their favorite stories is the talking donkey.  Precious memories.