God’s Bounty

God’s Bounty

We did not plant much garden this year.  It was a pretty not so good but eventful start to 2018.   The weather did not cooperate either.  It was really cold for a few days and then a really warm day.  I miss not having a big garden but thankfully the produce auction is a wonderful source of delicious fruits and veggies for a great price.

I prepared a large pan of roasted veggies today.  I chopped the veggies in chunks and covered them in olive oil.  Most of the veggies came from the produce auction.  The purple potatoes were delicious.  I added a little okra from our garden.  I wasn’t sure if roasted okra would be good but it turned out great.  I did not cut the ends off until after I had roasted them.  All the leftovers will be in my beef stew tomorrow.

As always you have to purchase more than you can eat in a week at the produce auction so I spend a day canning and freezing the extra.  The zuccini was my focus today.  Plenty of shredded zuccini went into the freezer for zuccini bread and muffins this winter.

The rest of the zuccini was chopped for some delicious jars of zuccini relish.  It is a favorite for those who like relish.  My biggest problem with canning is I never remember which recipe I used before.   I hope to compile a cookbook that has all my favorite recipies.  Then I won’t have the problem I had today.  I had put my canning book in the phone book drawer instead of the cookbook drawer.  I was just thankful I had not put it in the freezer or some place totally bizarre.

The grandkids showed up on auction day.  They helped Papa load the watermelon, cantalopes, peppers, cucumbers and zuccini.   When you see the rows and rows of beautiful produce you can’t help but see how blessed we are and how good God is.  God provides so much wonderful food for us.  We give Him thanks and praise His name.