God’s Creation

God’s Creation

In the beginning God created everything.  He not only created it, but He gave it all order and purpose.  It is indescribable the order and design that was placed in each creation.  I love learning biblical truths.  I am amazed daily as new things are revealed about God’s Word.

I love the study of the heavenly bodies He created.  The sun signals each year as the earth rotates around it.  The moon signals each month as it goes from darkness to full moon light and back to darkness again.  The stars give us signs of the seasons.  The constellations represent the story of Christ from Virgo the virgin to Leo the Lion of Judea.  Twelve of the constellations are symbols of the twelve tribes of Israel. Unfortunately civilizations have changed the stories of the heavenly bodies and have worshiped them as idols.

God created each creature giving each instincts that provide them with everything they need to live.  They know how to care for their young, shelter from the storm and find food and water.  They each have their own specialized way of protecting themselves.

God created the rivers and oceans and set their boundaries.  Amazing! With His Word He can calm the winds and waves, the lightening and rain.  He can open the heavens with showers or withhold the rain from falling.  He can make the day stand still.

God created man in His own image.  Imagine what that means! We are His children.  One of the most beautiful things He created is family.  He created the perfect place for children with the love of a mother and a father.  I am beyond thankful each day for the family who raised me and the family My husband and I raised.  I love watching my children as they raise their precious families.  I stand in awe of all that God has created and designed.

It seems that so many people are so dissatisfied with life and want to change all that God designed.  The sad thing is they will not find the happiness they are looking for, because what God ordained “IS.”