The Story of Naomi

The Story of Naomi

I recently did a post about Naomi but I wanted to do a children’s version. My little granddaughter has asked Nana to share a Bible story about Naomi. So here goes.

There was a man named Elimelech who lived in Bethlehem. Judges ruled the land at this time. There was so many problems happening for God’s people. Most of all the famine was getting worse every day. So Elimelech told his wife Naomi and his two sons Mahlon and Chilion that they must move to a new land to find food for the family. So they loaded up all of their belongings and headed out. Now they came to a foreign country called Moab. This was not a country that loved God. In fact they worshiped idols. But Elimelech found food for his family and a place to live so they settled there. It was difficult for Naomi to raise her two sons in Moab, but Naomi never lost her love for God and worshiped Him every day.

One day Naomi’s husband died. She was sad, but she had her children to help her. Soon they were grown and both of them had gotten married. Their names were Ruth and Orpha. Naomi was happy to have her sons and daughter-in-laws. Naomi loved God too and continued to worship Him. Suddenly both of Naomi’s sons died. Naomi was so sad. She called her beautiful daughter-in-laws to her. “I am an old lady now,” she told them. I have nothing to offer you. It is time for you to return to your families. No one will marry me now and I can no longer have any children. You are both young and beautiful. You must find a new husband and start a new family. I am going to return to my home in Bethlehem.” They hugged each other and cried together. They were sorry to have to part. Orpha soon packed her bags and waved good bye. “Now you too must go Ruth,” Naomi said. But Ruth refused to go. “I will not leave you. I will go with you wherever you go. I want to worship your God,” said Ruth. Ruth had seen Naomi worship God every day and now she too loved God and worshiped him.

Finally Naomi agreed and the two women packed their bags and set out for Bethlehem. Naomi’s friends were so glad to see her. Naomi knew that she must figure out a way to provide for her and Ruth. Without a husband there was no way to make a living. Ruth was worried about how to help Naomi too. Ruth could see that it was harvest time. “Let me go into the field and glean the grain that is left behind?” Ruth asked Naomi. Naomi agreed and soon Ruth was picking up leftover grain in a nearby field.

The owner of the field saw Ruth and inquired who she was. One of his servants told the owner it was Naomi’s daughter-in-law. He instructed the workers to leave extra grain for Ruth to pick up.

Now Naomi was home worrying about Ruth. Ruth was a foreigner. What if she was turned away? What if she was mistreated? That evening Ruth walked through the door beaming, her arms full of grain. Ruth excitedly told Naomi how she had been gleaning in the field and the owner had been so kind as to leave extra grain for her. “Who was this man?” asked Naomi. “His Name was Boaz,” said Ruth. Naomi’s heart nearly leaped out of her chest. Of course, she knew Boaz! He was a relative of her husband. God was surely taking care of them.

Soon Ruth and Boaz were married. They had a new baby son. They named him Obed. His name means worshiper. The sadness in Naomi melted away. She had been so sad to lose her family. She had felt old and useless without a family to carry on her husband’s name. But now Ruth placed Baby Obed in her arms. Now Naomi had a child to help care for and a family to love and care for. Her friends all said, “The Lord has blessed you. Your daughter-in-law has given you a family.” Naomi loved and helped care for Obed and every day she worshiped God. Obed surely learned how to be a worshiper of God from Naomi. And he must have shared all of the wonderful stories and songs of worship with his grandson when he grew up. For his grandson was a true worshiper of God. His grandson was David. Yes, the same little shepherd boy who killed the giant. The same little boy who wrote many songs of worship. And generations later Jesus is born into this family of worshipers. How blessed they were to have Naomi. And oh, how much God had blessed Naomi!